Projekowanie A class with their completed bridges.

The students were given a task to design and build a bridge, using only some gardening materials. Group 1 designed a drawbridge, complete with raising mechanism. The winch (cup) winds up the bridge, and when raised, the stone (anchor) drops in below the winch, stopping the bridge from dropping.

Group 2 designed an intertwined structure, built in 3 sections with the middle section interlocking and keep the bridge stable (the middle tower is not required). Group 3 designed a raised flat bridge with a central supporting tower.

Full marks all round!

Bridge 1 Group

Bridge 2 Group

Bridge 3 Group

Bridge 1

Bridge 2

Bridge 3

Starting out – Bridge 1

Starting out – Bridge 2

Starting out – Bridge 3

And a special mention for the bridge raising mechanism.

Alan Smith