About our school

IB High School at Raszyńska Street is part of the „Bednarska” school complex. It was established in 2005 and from the beginning it has been located on the second and third floor of the building at ul.Raszyńska 22. Inside the building there are 11 classrooms for high school, including modern and well-equipped biology, chemistry and physics labs.

Our high school also has three buildings in other locations. Near the main building, there is a branch on ul. Filtrowa 54/58, where computer and art laboratories are located, used by IB DP students. In addition, the school has two modernly equipped buildings at ul. Słoneczna 25 in Stary Mokotów and at ul. Przemysłowa 30/32 in Powiśle, where classrooms and workshops for students of the MYP(ic) programme are located.

In addition, the high school has a library and a separate reading room. There are canteens in all buildings, with a large selection of meals and snacks. All rooms are equipped with multimedia projectors and loudspeakers. There is also a radio station in the school. Next to the building at Raszyńska 22, there are two modern sports fields: basketball and football.

Middle Years programme (MYP) candidate school status

I SLO im. Maharaja Jam Saheba Digvijay Sinhji is a candidate school for the Middle Years programme (MYP). The school implements the authorization process for the MYP IB World School program. IB World Schools share a common philosophy – a commitment to providing a high-quality, challenging, international education that we believe is important to our students.

Only schools authorized by the IB Organization may offer one of its four educational programmes: Primary Years programme(PYP), Middle Years programme(MYP), Diploma programme(DP), or Career-related programme(CP). Candidate status does not give full guarantee that authorization will be granted. More information about the IB organization and its programs can be found at http://www.ibo.org.

School values

High School at ul. Bednarska was established in 1989 as the first non-public school. The mission of the school is to promote democracy and tolerance towards different races, cultures and religions. In our high school, we emphasize these values, combining them with the profile of the IB student.

Our school is famous for:

Democracy – The high school community consists of three communities: students, teachers and parents which together form the School Republic. In addition to the headteacher, authority is exercised by three democratic institutions: the School Council, the School Parliament and the School Court, which perform executive, legislative and judicial functions, respectively. They are made up of representatives from all three communities who are elected once a year.

Multiculturalism – in our school, in addition to regular lessons, there are also classes during which students can meet peers from outside the school. The annual MUN conference (the so-called RaszMUN) provides an opportunity to get to know students from other cities and even other countries. Our school also has a common room for refugees, where students can volunteer and learn about the problems of foreigners who have found shelter in our country.

Volunteering activities – the IB programme requires students to engage in activities for the benefit of others. Our school provides many such opportunities: in addition to the refugee common room, we also support „Habitat for Humanity”, in which students are involved in building houses for the poor and needy. In turn, involvement in the organization of the school MUN allows them to gain exceptional organizational skills.

In the coming years, we plan to open paths containing new IB subjects: theater, computer science and design technology. For more information click on the „plans for the future” tab.

Student characteristics

Upon completing their education according to the IB program, the students of our school go on to become citizens of the world. They should be characterized by:

– inquisitiveness
– diversity of knowledge
– analytical thinking skills
– communion skills
– academic honesty and other principles
– open mindedness
– sensitivity
– willingness to take risks, to follow unknown paths
– objectivity
– reflectiveness