IB Diploma Curriculum – overview

The IB DP programme has been created for students who want to prepare for studying abroad or want to gain useful knowledge and academic skill. Each of the subjects focuses on a relatively narrow range of material, but the teaching process incorporates greater detail, forces students to think critically, draw conclusions and provide evidence.

Within the IB DP programme, the student chooses six subjects to study over two years: three of them at the Standard Level, and three others at the Higher Level.

The subjects are divided into six groups. Our school offers a very wide range of courses in all subject groups:

Group 1: Native languages
Polish, English.
Group 1

Group 2: Foreign Languages
English, French, Spanish, German.
Group 2

Group 3: Individuals and societies
Economics, Philosophy, Geography, History, Psychology, Business.
Group 3

Group 4: Natural sciences
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Design Technology, Computer Science.
Group 5

Group 6: Fine Arts
Visual Art, Theatre.
Group 6

The core

In addition, within two years of study, the student should: complete Theory of Knowledge classes, write an extensive 4,000-word matriculation thesis (Extended Essay) and pass Creativity, Action and Volunteering (CAS) classes.

Theory of Knowledge (TOK)

A course exploring the nature of knowledge and its sources.

Extended Essay

Independent matriculation thesis in the form of an extensive essay, based on independent search and data analysis, with a length of about 4000 words.

Creativity, Action, Service (CAS)

A project including elements that require creativity and activity, based on the principle of volunteering.