School democracy

School democracy is one of the foundations of our school. It is a unique element that distinguishes our school from others because our students are able to participate in school management and influence it through various democratic institutions, such as:

The School Council, acting as the school government, is therefore the executive authority. It is chaired by the school’s premier. The council meets once a month, makes decisions related to the life of the school, and also influences its decor.

The school parliament performs the function of a legislative authority, amending the school law through resolutions. The most important of these is the Constitutional Act, which defines the mode of operation of all democratic structures.

The school court performs a judicial function, adjudicates on the compliance of laws passed by the Sejm with the constitution, and settles disputes between members of the school community. It consists of three judges, each representing one community.

In general, students, teachers and parents are represented in all democratic structures, with representation weighted proportionally in the court and parliament.

Raszyńska IB is part of the „Bednarska” school complex which is divided into several locations. Our high school together with the junior high school forms the „Raszyńska” location, which in turn is divided into the School Republic of the junior high school and the School Republic of the IB high school. The operation of all democratic institutions in the entire school complex is regulated by the school constitution, adopted and modified by the Great Sejm. The operation of our local structures of the IB high school is specified in the constitutional act. Both resolutions can be found in the „School Documents” tab.

Contact details for individual democratic institutions of our school:

School Council: