School achievements


Our school organizes its own MUN conference every year. A total of 150 delegates from all over Poland, as well as from some European schools, attend the meeting. This year we are preparing the fourth edition.

RaszMUN 2023

Application system by UCAS

Our school has an application system via UCAS: the teacher enters all the necessary information into the system, we also cooperate with consultants who help in creating a Personal Statement and choosing studies. Thanks to the excellent exam results and the programme of assistance during application, our graduates study at the best universities in the world, including: Oxford, Cambridge, University of Columbia, University of Pennsylvania, MIT.

Our school brand in UCAS

Our school is recognized in the UCAS system as credible, which makes the Predicted Grades issued by us credible and recognized at all English universities.

School development

Our school is developing dynamically. In recent years, we have opened five new classrooms equipped with modern IT equipment (efficient computers and 3D printers) which facilitate two new subjects: computer science and design technology.

Tutoring program

The tutoring programme comprehensively prepares students for the university qualification process (including the preparation and process of creating a personal statement).