Requirements for the eighth graders entrance exam


Examination requirements for eighth graders in English

The English exam consists of three parts; the time of each is given in brackets below.

  1. WRITING (75 minutes)
  • Short form
  • Letter
  • Essay (for and against; opinion essay; description of a place)
  • Multiple choices
  • True/False
  • Matching paragraphs
  1. GRAMMAR AND VOCABULARY (75 minutes)
  • Tenses
  • Passive voice
  • Reported speech
  • Time clauses
  • Conditionals
  • Modal verbs
  • Relative clauses
  • Gerund and infinitive
  • Verbs with prepositions

An example of an entrance exam in English

Polish language

The exam lasts 90 minutes.

Candidates will be provided with an examination sheet, which is to be completed in three stages.

The first stage is to read various texts. These can be journalistic texts (e.g. fragments of articles, reports, reviews), philosophical or literary texts (prose, drama, poems). Under each fragment you will find questions guiding about it, important meanings, interesting issues. They are supposed to help you understand the text you read and inspire your own thoughts!

The second stage will be designing. You will assume the role of coordinator of a school humanities project, the topic of which will be closely related to the texts you read. On their basis, you will choose tasks, formulate the topics of some tasks, plan their sequence, come up with additional attractions to enrich the event, etc. You will also be asked to formulate an invitation, announcement, dedication, design a poster or other such short work related to the organization of the project.

In the last stage, you will complete one of the planned tasks: for example you will write an article, an essay, an interview with the author of one of the texts, a description, a diary page, etc.

You will receive a maximum of 100 points for the entire task.

An sample Polish entrance exam


The exam lasts 120 minutes

The entrance exam for post-primary classes in mathematics consists of various types of tasks with varying levels of difficulty. They include tasks that test basic knowledge and skills, necessary to continue learning mathematics with final exams, as well as more difficult tasks, including those that do not require specific knowledge, but rather ideas. The aim of the latter is to single out mathematically gifted students.

Scope of exam material

MYP math requirements

Application of all the above issues to solve tasks in a practical context.

A sample math entrance exam