Psychological care

Today’s world imposes a philosophy of making quick choices and the expectation of success without mistakes, which creates pressure. School is a space where students face both educational and relational challenges.

Being a teenager and entering adulthood is the most important developmental challenge in human life.

Young people experience constant contradictions, and they may have difficulties deciding between::

  • adulthood and childhood,
  • friends and family,
  • the need for independence and the need for support,
  • the need for intimacy and secrecy and the need for closeness with parents,
  • independence, freedom of choice and dependence and structure,
  • the material world and the spiritual world,
  • the virtual world and the real world.

It’s completely natural for young people to get lost, to search, and to not know.

The meeting with the school psychologist is a situation in which the student receives assistance in resolving conflict in all its potential forms. This is an opportunity to look at oneself and one’s own priorities from a different perspective, take a short break to reflect.

The psychologist constantly cooperates with teachers and monitors students’ situations on an ongoing basis.

Małgorzata Kłoś, school psychologist at IB DP
Maria Pietrusińska, school psychologist at IB MYP(ic)