In addition to regular classes within the IB programme, our school also offers extracurricular activities. As part of these projects, you can pass CAS, gain additional skills and experience necessary to prepare a successful application for study abroad.

Model United Nations

The Raszyńska MUN Club is an initiative that has been successfully operating in our school for over a decade. The faculty brings together enthusiasts of social sciences (global politics, law, economics, finance) who during weekly meetings prepare for the Model United Nations conference – a simulation of UN proceedings in English. As part of the club’s activities, every year a school delegation goes to the most important conferences of this type in Poland, as well as to one international conference abroad.

Supervisor: Anna Mrozewska

Amnesty International

During the meetings, we will focus on global problems related to the protection of human rights. In addition to discussions and presentations, participants will be able to take part in the annual Write for Rights marathon. By increasing social awareness, participants will improve their own critical and creative thinking skills, broaden their horizons and knowledge of the world.


Supervisor: Katarzyna Matusiak

IB Zine – Faculty of Journalism

As part of the journalism faculty, you can polish the skills of writing informational and advisory texts, reports, reviews and journalistic texts. We publish the materials in the school magazine IB Zine, on the school website and on Facebook. There are plans to set up an Instagram profile. The club also has a photo/video section where films are published and photographic events organized (e.g. photo walks). In addition to the opportunity to gain practical journalistic skills, participation in the project counts as CAS. The participation in these projects can be mentioned by students in their Personal Statement while applying for college.

School magazine „IB ZINE”

Supervisor: Bartłomiej Mrożewski

Habitat for Humanity

Habitat for Humanity is an initiative that focuses on restoring old buildings with prosocial use in mind (afternoon clubs for underprivileged children etc.). Activities revolve around hands in renovation of buildings and the necessary fundraising. Volunteering in Habitat for Humanity can be part of students’ CAS requirements.

Supervisor: Robert Lasek

Leadership Academy for RASZ TEENS

These are weekly mastermind group discussions and engaging activities regarding leadership topics. Their purpose is:
to engage and inspire students to maximize their potential to become successful people by enhancing self-awareness,
to help students create a positive impact at school, family and the greater community,
to develop key leadership skills to enhance personal and educational success.

The course will enable participants to become decisive, caring, and disciplined leaders in a challenging and fast-changing environment. One of the aims is also to instill confidence and courage, while keeping the moral integrity and flawless character required of responsible future leaders. The central focus is to challenge and motivate students to learn more about themselves as individuals, and to help them apply that learning to the issues involved in developing personal leadership skills.

Supervisor: Alicja Skręta

Theatre club

Supervisor: Paulina Gawrońska

Further Mathematics

The course involves working with Oxford and sometimes Olympic tasks from different countries. The main gain from these meetings will be getting acquainted with surprising tasks that seem impossible to solve at first. After these classes, students will enjoy unusual tasks because they are interesting and challenging. After such training, students tend to pass their final exams with a higher grade.

Supervisor: Tomasz Gliszczyński-Zamek

Math club

We expand the basic mathematics from the MYP(ic) course with interesting, important, developing things. Many of the later required ‚explorations’ in HL math started in this class. A lot of later SL or HL learning is made easier thanks to these activities, even though we don’t do things from either the SL or HL programme on them.

Supervisor: Tomasz Gliszczyński-Zamek

Oxford Examinations in Mathematics

The last revision before the math exam at Oxford

Supervisor: Tomasz Gliszczyński-Zamek


Latin language course.

Tutor: Bogusław Strożek

Stock Market Club

Supervisor: Przemysław Miszta

Physics club

Supervisor: Przemysław Miszta