Student development

In addition to regular classes within the IB program, our school also offers additional classes: electives, projects, as well as a programme supporting ambitious students in preparing for university applications.

An important element of the student’s development is also the tutoring programme. There is a psychologist at school every day who supports students in difficult times and helps to solve conflicts.


These are extra classes conducted by our teachers. Some of the electives are extensions of normal lessons with content that is not included in the IB curriculum, while others are classes in areas that go beyond the PreIB curriculum and the IB curriculum.

Choices of electives


Students in our school are included in the tutoring programme. Tutoring is a personalized method of supporting the student through a series of meetings with the tutor. It is „personalized” because it focuses on the comprehensive development and improvement of the student in the school and outside of it.


The supervisor of the programme is Andrzej Fister-Stoga

Psychological care

Students are under the constant care of the school psychologist, who helps in solving problems related to stress and conflicts. Interactions with a psychologist consist of consultations, support and sometimes interventions. They usually take place individually and are based on mutual trust. The psychologist is at school every day and students are able to see them at any other time when the need arises.

School psychologists are Małgorzata Kłoś and Maria Pietrusińska