Group 3 subjects detailed below are:

Economics, History, Geography, Philosophy, Psychology


Economics is taught at IB 1 and IB 2, Standard and Higher Levels… Other info TBD

In IB1, Economics… TBD
In IB 2… TBD


A lecture by Karol Modzelewski

Pre-IB provides an introduction to History, both from a local (Polish) perspective, and from the wider world.
In IB1, History shall look at TBD
In IB 2 We shall look at the history of… TBD


Geography is TBD

Pre-IB students are taught geography primarily from a Polish perspective.
In IB1, Geography will look at TBD
In IB 2, Geography will cover… TBD


Philosophy is TBD

Pre-IB philosophy is TBD.
In IB1, Philosophy will look at TBD
In IB 2, Philosophy will cover… TBD


Psychology is TBD

Pre-IB Psychology is TBD.
In IB1, Psychology will look at TBD
In IB 2, Psychology will cover… TBD