Group 5: Mathematics

Higher Level, Standard Level, Mathematical Studies

Pre IB

Pre IB Mathematics is taught in two classes, split according to their likely choices for the next two years, when the students undertake the full IB program. The first is general mathematics, for students who are more likely to choose SL or math studies for their diploma years.

Those who are graded as potential HL candidates will be offered the Maths to HL option. This course is designed to provide these students with the tools to enable them to complete the IB HL Mathematics.

IB 1

IB 1 Mathematics is taught in three classes, split according to the students’ choices (as advised by their mathematics teachers and course tutors),  made at pre IB.

Math Studies is equivalent to SL, but provides a more statistical approach to mathematics, which is more suited to a study path which is not maths oriented.

Mathematics SL is provided for those who would like to pursue a study path which includes related subjects.

The HL option will be selected by those who have elected to study mathematics as one of their principal options.

Math Studies

While Math Studies is also an SL level subject, it is more practical, a wider view of the subject, but with  a statistical focus, so the student can apply mathematics to a more varied field of subjects.

Math SL

SL Mathematics takes in students with a good understanding of the basic concepts. It provides students with the tools to help them in math-related subjects such as economics and business administration.

Math HL

HL takes students with good mathematical knowledge, and those who wish to pursue a more maths-oriented future, whether in mathematics itself or the use of maths in closely linked subjects such as physics, engineering.

IB 2

IB 2 Mathematics continues the three classes from IB 1. with the Core Syllabus.

Mathematical Studies students will complete their projects which is usually research based on statistical data collected by them.

SL and HL students carry out research in a chosen mathematical topic where they are expected to do something of their own. It does not have to be a great discovery – it can be minor, but will be their own contribution to the topic they explore.

The HL core syllabus is wider than the SL syllabus. In addition, the class will choose one of four optional topics: statistics, discrete mathematics, sets and groups or calculus. Each of the options goes far beyond the core syllabus and is tested during the final examinations.