On the 24th of May 2021 the students of our school met to discuss a small satellite project called CubeSat. The presentation and the project itself are the initiative of the MYP1 student – Kalina Jackiewicz.

During the meeting the following topics have been discussed: the specification of the CubeSat, satellite development timeline, and work schedule with division to groups.

Cubesat is a small satellite of size 10 x 10 x 10 cm that will be launched into the Low Earth Orbit. Since 2003, around 1300 small satellites have been made by various teams of college students around the world, but none in Europe from the initiative of high-schoolers. The project holds an educational value to promote an interest in exploring space, and study the conditions of the Low Earth Orbit.

We are looking for people interested in committing to the cause. From the ones fascinated by exploring space, physics and engineering to the ones more into marketing and PR. It is worth adding that this project is a perfect practice for future studies and a great experience for a future career.

For more info, contact Kalina Jackiewicz via IDU, Teams or email: kalina.jackiewicz@gmail.com.

Wiktoria Najgebauer-Sołoducha and Maja Prokopiuk [MYP2]