The exhibition is a new diploma assessment introduced by the IB in 2020 with first assessment in 2022. It was held on 2.06.2021 in our school. That was the first event like this ever held in our school and unfortunately due to the COVID pandemic it could not be enjoyed by all those who could be interested in seeing it. Hopefully this article will serve as a sneak peek into what happened that day for those who could not be there.

Nature of the TOK exhibition

The TOK exhibition is one’s individual work that includes an essay written about three objects that have to relate to and help the student explore a specific prompt. The exhibition also allows the students to explore how the TOK concepts manifest themselves in their everyday lives. Some of the prompts this year included:

  • How can we distinguish between knowledge, belief and opinion?
  • How is current knowledge shaped by its historical development?
  • Are some types of knowledge more useful than others?

Anything could be chosen as an object as long as the student was able to justify its connection to the chosen prompt. The ones chosen by the various students largely differed, ranging from one’s favorite stuffed toy to a chessboard, which made the exhibition even more exciting for many students as an interactive object. Many objects could not be brought to the exhibition, however the visitors could enjoy their photos.

Meeting different than expected

Other than being a part of an assessment, the exhibition also served as an opportunity for the students to bond outside of lessons and see how other’s approached the topics. It was only the third day of lessons being held off-line in our school after a long period of online learning. That experience made the exhibition even more special. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic no parents or students from different years could visit the exhibition. Only IB1 students and some teachers were present.

The TOK exhibition unfortunately closely followed the passing of our beloved Headmistress, Hanna Kobylińska. She was a head teacher for many years in our school and greatly shaped its current form. Consequently, that situation put the date of the exhibition decided. However, it was decided that she would not have wanted the school to postpone or cancel any events. In consequence the exhibition was held on the planned date and was dedicated to Ms. Kobylińska.

Aleksandra Jabłkowska, IB1