A wonderful and flavorful buffet unfolded in Aula B during the long break when a group of DP2 students showcased their cultural appreciation through a gastronomic delight. This unique event, organised as part of their CAS Project, brought together a vibrant array of delicacies from around the globe, transforming the school aula into a culinary world tour.

The long table, adorned with diverse delights, showcased Ecuadorian Llapingachos, England’s classic Scones, Mexican Quesadillas, German Pretzels, Polish Pierogi, Ukraine’s Derunny, Spain’s Potato Omelet, Italy’s appetisers, Japanese Sushi, Thailand’s Pad Thai, Netherlands’ Gingerbread Cookies, and many more, offered students an opportunity to discover different gastronomic dishes without leaving the school premises.

What made this event particularly special was the thoughtful touch of including information sheets for each country represented. Attendees were not only treated to Ecuador’s Llapingachos and England’s Scones but also given insights into the cultural tapestry behind these delicacies. From the significance of Llapingachos in Andean celebrations to the art of scone-making during British afternoon tea. Each information sheet taught the attendees of different cultural backgrounds. These sheets gave a deeper understanding of the global traditions.

The DP2 students’ commitment to cultural exchange through food and information turned the event into a resounding success, leaving participants with not just satisfied taste buds but a richer appreciation for the world’s diverse culinary heritage. Congratulations to the organisers for a truly remarkable CAS Project that left us all with a taste of the world!

Leire Orella, DP2