Miss Fittz embarks on her first international journey! MYP2(ic) students make their own short film.

It started as a small theatre project for Ms. Paulina Gawrońska’s class, but now Miss Fittz has been accepted into its first international film festival in Detroit. Everything, from the puppetry to the music score was done by two MYP2(ic) students – Julia Grabowska and Marie Herbstein.

Miss Fittz is a cinematographic snapshot of a period in the life of a young, aspiring, female pianist captured in the form of puppet theatre.

During the first semester of the school year 2020/2021, the two pupils spent time in between classes shooting and editing their movie. Hours of work later, the resulting film, Miss Fittz, qualified to be shown at The Teen Arts Council Film Festival, a virtual event hosted by the DIA Teen Arts Council in Detroit.

The film has also been chosen to be featured in a live panel discussion where the students have the opportunity to share and discuss their ideas and their creative process, as well as answer questions.

Marie Herbstein, MYP2(ic)