On Friday, IB Raszyńska celebrated the day of its patron, Maharaja Jam Sahib Digvijaysinhji. We have all gathered on this warm, sunny afternoon at the site of his memorial, the square of the Good Maharaja in Ochota, to commemorate him on his approaching birthday on the 18th of September.

We invited the Ambassador of India to the event, Ms Nagma M. Mallick, who told us stories about the noble character and his strong, emotional ties with Poland, and repeated the words sent to Poles by his son about the days when the saved children had lived together with him and his father in Nawangar, India.

We were also lucky to have Mrs Dorota Patrycja Stegienka, the Mayor of Ochota with us on this day. She told us about her pride from the fact that Jam Sahib’s memory is still strong and cherished in the very heart of our district, and highlighted the importance of passing on further his message of peace and compassion, as well as the accounts of his valiant endeavours.

Finally, we heard a few words from Ms Irena Parzych, the caretaker of the site, who came to see us together with the pupils from the Private school Liceum Korczaka in Warsaw, whose patron is also known for his unconditional love and support for children. We were all enchanted by the message from Jam Sahib to Polish children, carved into the lotus-shaped statue: „I am Bapu, the father of the people of Nawanagar, including all of you”.

We adorned the monument with a traditional Indian garland and flowers, and thanked our honoured guests for being there with us. We will definitely carry the warmth of this day and its powerful energy forward!